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Open Space

Time Machine


The first year of this event in 2013 required the road to be closed to allow many artistic activities on Congleton High Street. This was done with our usual enthusiasm and the event ran smoothly. The final act in the festivities was an attempt to activate the time machine.


Park live in Congleton

We enjoyed helping with this mini music festival. We were mainly wandering round the venue showing the public where the facilities were.


Reindeers visit Congleton

It was quite a wet day when the Reindeers came to visit us in Congleton Town Centre. We didn’t let the rain put us off though. They attracted a great crowd and were lovely to watch in their pen. At the end of the day when they were due to leave we had the privilege of leading them back to their transporter.


RSPCA Dog Show

Held in Congleton Park in August 2015 attracted animal lovers from all around. The main duties of our marshals was with setting up and  to help with the Car Park.


Sandbach Concert Series

We first attended the Concert Series back in March 2011, the series started up in the September of 2010. Our job is to keep the entrance to the venue clear if there were ever a need for disabled access, and assist where possible. When the concert starts we go inside and take our places in the audience. We have seen some amazing professional artists perform and are never ceased to be amazed by talent of the local youngsters who perform in the spotlight before the main performance. We feel that we really become part of the team and look forward to each Concert.


Sandbach Day of Dance

One a fine morning in early September 2011 we made our way to Sandbach Girls School to assist with the car parking for teams of Morris Dancers who were arriving from many different places in the Country. We then formed a procession to the town centre and showed the teams to the different locations where they would perform their dances. There was a fantastic atmosphere throughout the town, and both the public and the dancers were eager to do it all again next year. Since the first year we have been in attendance every year insuring that people watching the dancers are safely off the roads in various locations throughout Sandbach.


Sandbach Transport Festival

In April 2014 we were asked to help out at the festival with various duties from help with setting up prior to the event, marshalling the parade of vehicles and manning the crossing point from Sandbach Common to the Park. Now one of our marshals has undertaken the role of Marshal Co-ordinator.


Silver Starlight Stomp in Macclesfield

This was in interesting event to attend – We arrived at marshal control in Macclesfield Leisure centre with plenty of time to enjoy some of the lovely food put on for us. We then had a marshal briefing where we found out where we would be stationed along the route. It turned out that we would be in charge of one of the water stations, so we collected our table and several packs of water and headed off. We set up on a country lane in Gawsworth and waited for the runners to come by, as they did we offered them water and lots of encouragement. It was very strange standing in the middle of nowhere at 10 o’clock at night. When the runners began to appear it was an amazing sight as they all had glow stick jewellery and flashing bunny ears on.


Tatton Yule Yomp

One very damp day in December we went to Tatton Park where we joined with the many other marshals to line the route for the approximately 1000 runners taking part in a 10k race. The damp turned to rain, but didn't dampen our spirits. It was really uplifting when many of the runners thanked us for our help on their way past. We enjoyed a nice hot cuppa upon our return to base. It was soon after then hat we decided to add waterproof trousers to our kit.


Teddy Bears Picnic in Congleton Park

Who would think that you would need marshals for an under fives picnic? The reason for us being there was to assist on the road leading up to the park. It gets very busy with lots of excited picnickers arriving at the same time. Our radio skills were essential in an event of this nature. As each surrounding car park became full we could inform the other Marshals to guide people to alternative parking places. This is another of our regular events; it’s always a jolly affair with lots of happy little picnickers.